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Help Center Faq
Q.1 What is OPIC24?

OPIC24 is a freeware application where you can find and create personalized images with appealing quotes.

Q.2 What can I do with OPIC24?

This interface enables you to create posters or banners with ready-to-use templates according to the business category.

Q.3 How to Access OPIC24?

Download from google play store. Just enter your mobile number and you will get 4 digit OTP (one-time-password) on your device. Submit and you will easily access this application.

Q.4 Where to find the business category?

Home page > Select business option at the upper left corner, Tap on the category which you want for specific images and quotes.

Q.5 Where are the downloaded pics?

You can find downloaded images under the “My downloads” section of the profile option

Q.6 How to create an Ad Banner?

Tap on Create AD banner option on the Home page.

Q.7 How to Create a Poster?

Click on create poster option on the home page.

Q.8 Are those quotes unique?

Yes, you will find a collection of unique and untold quotes.

Q.9 How to change Quotes language?

My profile > Preferred Languages and choose language according to your requirement.

Q.10 How to Share this app with Friends?

My profile > share app option to share this app with your friends.

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